I Love Referrals

I Love Referrals

“Can I recommend a good plumber?”

“Who do you use for your doctor? Do you like him?”

“My wife is expecting a new baby, we need a bigger home.  Do you know a great realtor?”

“Who did your web design? I love it!”

Is it just me, or is word-of-mouth referrals THE BEST way to find good help?  No other form of advertising works as well. As business owners, we know this, too. We want to be remembered for the great service we provide, and we cherish the referrals that others send our way. Simply put: referrals really help us out. But how do we encourage people, without seeming pushy or overbearing, to remember our names and recommend us to their friends?

What if there were a strategy for “helping along” those referrals that you need to grow your business? So that when The Question gets asked: “Who do you know who can help me with…”

Your name pops up in the conversation.

Personal Touch Greeting Card System…

So You Can Connect Simply.

  • Love Referrals?
  • Do your clients remember your name?
  • Will they call you back?
  • Or just call the number of whatever agent is on the sign?

Joe Girard Tips – Gaining Business Referrals

Joe Girard is in the Guinness Book of world records as the greatest salesman for 12 straight years – selling just over 13,000 new cars at retail during his 15 year career. Folks lined up to buy cars from him. When they needed another car, they went to Joe. They sent their neighbors to buy from him. Joe Girard cared about people. He cared about his clients, and they knew it. How did they know?

Joe Girard sent each and every customer a greeting card every single month. He sent so many cards that he had to hire two full-time assistants to address, handwrite and stamp them all.

So, back to referrals… I love them, how about you? Now how much would you love to handwrite, sign, address, stuff and stamp ten thousand greeting cards each and every month? Or a thousand? A hundred even? Quite the task!

Remember that strategy we talked about – the great way to “help along” your referrals?   Send out cards on a regular basis  to your clients and build customer loyalty, generating word of mouth referrals, using our card mailing service.

I’m about to share a system that Joe Girard would have loved in his car sales days, and you will love for your own business:

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